Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Third Group-(jazz and child art)

third group-(jazz and child art), originally uploaded by eyobart.

The third group that came into my studio were assigned to do a painting about children. My objective with the children art project was to unwrap up the creativity of the students and to unwind their minds. The students had a tricky time incorporating their ideas into the median that was given so we decided to adjust it. Nevertheless, I did not miss considering the artist side in all the students. When we changed the median, the students had a more comfortable time putting their ideas into the paintings. I myself appreciated their originality in this type of art.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sioux Falls Christian Mural Project! (Second Group-Jazz Collage)



This group is doing a collage painting on Jazz art. They are the second group from Sioux Falls Christian Schools that I am working with. I was really fascinated with this group because they had so much originality in their pieces. They really surprised me!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sioux Falls Christian Mural Projects!(First Group- Titian Paintings)


Some ongoing projects that I am working on right now is a mural project with some high school students from Sioux Falls Christian. There are 18 students coming in as groups of six to my studio. My objective in this project is to educate the students about awareness of art. They are all diverse therefore I believe that they should all have diverse experiences expressing themselves in art. I am also working on breaking any preconceived ideas they have about art and open up their imaginations to original and exciting concepts. The three ideas I am introducing to the students are: life-paintings, painting from your mind, and the idea of subconscious painting.
I believe that this project will not only influence the students at Sioux Falls Christian but the entire art community. They will be able to see the birth of a new concept in a student’s creativity and imagination.
This project will profit the students in taking their eyes off of outdated concepts of art and steer their imaginations in new directions. This will not only assist them to see the vitality in expressing themselves but can add confidence in other areas of their education.
In return this will help the art community see the new era in art from the minds of our youth!

Visiting dates from the students are listed as following.

March 14 (Wednesday)
March 21 (Wednesday)
March 27 (Tuesday)
April 4 (Wednesday)
April 11 (Wednesday)
April 19 (Thursday)
May 2 (Wednesday)

Thursday, March 1, 2007


This painting was inspired by a friend of mine from the country side. Her family was moving to a big city and wanted a painting that reminded them of their home. We went to the country side to see how I could capture these memories.
I did one painting about them and then another one about her. She grew up in the country side. It was a stunning time I had with her.
The name "Swing" comes from the swinging she was doing when she was telling me of her country childhood memories. As I was listening to her I was looking at her and seeing her as a butterfly, bird, dandelion and more generally an important component in this universe.
A challenging part of this painting was creating the motion-like-curve of the swing as I was combining the 3 dimensional ideas into one. I took it!
One of the funniest things was, when I was doing this painting I observed not the painting itself but my color palette. I had an unusual amount of fun mixing the colors. In Edvard Munch's painting "Scream" . He made the echo of the women's scream have a unique relationship with her background which is defined by sound and figure. For some reason I was thinking about him and how it relates to my painting. It made me chuckle because in my painting there was a similar relationship like that which is defined by Bird and Butterfly.
This painting was done by the end of 2005 and in a collection in Mitchell.