Tuesday, July 28, 2009

7 Days of Creation: Final Design

The 7 Days of Creation is finally coming to an end with the design finalized. The project consists of 8 mosaic panels each  measuring 23 ft high and 7 ft wide.  The images above are a photoshopped view of what the outcome will be when the project is totally finished. This is the vision I had for this project and the design has me very excited.

This kind of art is not just made for business but for awareness and change that will give birth to a new kind of creativity for our city as well as mature the influence of art in society. It has been a very busy and difficult month but the outcome is like a light itself bringing excitement, hope, and anticipation. I feel like this project is a representation of the kind of thing I have always wanted to achieve in my life and one of the most influential imprints I have made in art. It makes me feel like I have given back to the world like it gave to me.  Nevertheless, There is more to come!

Click on the images to enlarge!

For more detailed pictures of the design, visit my website.