Friday, February 20, 2009

March 6th Trolley Tour and More...

The_rhythm_of_jazzRhythm of Jazz

            After roughly three years, I have finally got the opportunity to move my studio downtown again. For personal reasons, I had used the studio to escape from the public and do art for myself, developing different aspects of my technique and idea. Nevertheless, most of my time spent confined was great and I believe that it has opened more doors for me to work with other professionals such as Perspective Inc. For the next two years, I am planning to work with them in different projects and collaborations in hopes that their architectural influence and concepts might be incorporated within my own art. It will be a fun year!

            Herewith, the March 6th Sioux Falls Trolley Tour is approaching soon and some of my pieces will be displayed throughout the Perspective Inc. building starting at 5:30 P.M.  My exhibit will differ from my past in that I will be displaying much more drawings and sketches than paintings. As an artist, when I look at my paintings, I try to see them through the eyes of potential viewers which allows me to truly judge the sincere skill of my work. Thus, I believe that paint alone cannot make a piece beautiful, but the skill of the composition, sketch and drawing that is in its backbone.

            Personally, my goal is not to be a famous or “great” person but to leave behind a legacy that is not defined by who I am but of the skill of my art. Though art may change according to time and place, the reason behind its existence will always remain. It exposes yet has the potential to guide the culture and era that produced it. Therefore, I want, not my identity, to be kept within changing time but the existence and concept of art as a language.  

            Also, one of the most beautiful instrumental artists, Nebiyu Kebede from Washington D.C has decided to cover his latest album with one of my paintings, The Vine of Axum. His music is inspirational and serves as a language itself though now words are used. The whole album is a great experience and unlike any other type of music. 

            In addition, I wanted to thank Carl Grupp and Rob Robinson for the comments they made in the PBS documentary that aired earlier January.