Thursday, March 5, 2009

March 6th Show at Perspective!


Ark of the Covenant

           Ark of the Covenant was one of the longest projects I have ever completed and yet it still remains a concept that will remain a lifetime for me. It has lead me to many other spiritual concepts that I still practice presently.  For many years, I have been training myself to create realistic drawings and paintings from life. However, within this idea, I challenged myself as a painter, to go into the depth of the idea people have of the Ten Commandments, hoping to portray a much deeper sense and emotion of the story. One of the hardest parts of portraying this concept, however, was the fact that there was such little information about it. I had to travel to Ethiopia to really get an image of its history, majesty, and mystic that I may show it clearly in the piece along with my imagination and skill. From my perspective, I feel as if I am representing Ethiopia and its art. Nevertheless, as an artist, the idea of the Ark is very spread out in much of my work. What is special about this painting is that it tells a part of the story, in detail, in each panel of the piece. Furthermore, it explores the foundation of spiritual artwork with a combination of dynamic compositions to invigorate the mind and soul.

March 6th is the date  of the show. It will be at Perspective starting at 5:30. It will include many drawings and a Jazz Band!