Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sacred Lotus



Pink Lotus


             The Sacred Lotus represents the birth of a child. I was inspired to paint a painting about this concept which is similar to the one of the Lotus flower which is born in the water just as a baby in the mother's womb. Ideally, the flower reminds me a lot of Baptism because it is born from the water and grows out.

             The Lotus ( has had a significant impact on many ancient cultures such as Egypt and is currently the country flower of India and Vietnam. It is referred as being holy and sacred in the Hindu religion and is mentioned in many Hindi stories. In fact, there has even been an architectural temple that was built in inspiration of the Lotus.(         

            Nonetheless, this painting has two circles and many pelicans. One circle represents the season that that is ending and the other represents the spring season that is to be born. Thus, it resembles the Lotus. The pelicans represent the sense of natural bonding in the kingdom of creation. As an artist, the ideas that are created each second are ones that I have to capture and integrate it into my art with skills that have been aquired with past experiences as this with an interval of rest to do it again.


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