Sunday, January 6, 2008


Spring, originally uploaded by eyobart.

This is the second time I had painted this piece. It allows me to come out of abstract and do a more impressionistic painting. Instead of thinking so much, this painting allowed me to relax and just paint from life. Usually when I do an abstract piece, I tend to get lost in my own world and disappear from reality. This type of painting allows the painter to go back to the starting point but lets them add realistic elements. The painting must have to be a balance between subconscious mind and consciousness but also can be used individually in a mental sense and reaction.
Abstract or impressionist artists aren’t artists that only do abstract and impressionism. The fact is: Abstract is more expressive than realistic art. Though this might be true, it shouldn’t mean that there should be a limit on the knowledge you should have on art.
Sisi and her cat are my neighbors. Sometimes Sisi comes to the studio alone and sometimes her cat comes alone. Nevertheless, every time I see them, they enlighten me with three different kinds of ideas. A message revolves to me by an inner voice which also accounts for the beauty of this work for only that is beautiful.