Saturday, January 12, 2013

God Particle 36.ft w X 6 ft.

God Particle  36.ft w X 6 ft.

This artwork is one of my last pieces inspired by the God Particle theory that was discovered July 2012. This art work revealed to me the excitement of life of discovering the beauty of the Universe and therefore of our every day life.This piece is composed by 36 single panels on the wood, Four Elements: Ea...rth, Water, Air, Fire ,each one measures 2ft. x 2ft. a total of 36.ft X 6 ft. h. This piece can also be separated in four different sections each of 6ft x 6ft
God Particle: Scientists from the atom smasher in Switzerland say to have discovered a subatomic particle, named “God particle” because it is believe to have originated during the Big Bang and helped shape the subatomic particles that make up all matter in the universe,
However the artist should have a message to convey, a message revealed to him by his inner voice that also accounts for the beauty of his work. Only that is beautiful.

The kiss. This is one of my recent works and one of my favorite. Happynew year.

The kiss