Monday, November 23, 2009

The Cello Dream

The Cello Dream, 8' X 2 1/2'

Detail of the cello Layers of oil paint create a dynamic texture

The Cello Dream  8’ x 2 ½’

One of the projects I’m working on now is a musical concept inspired by one of my earlier ideas.  This painting is eight feet tall by two and a half feet wide, and will be displayed at Avera McKennan’s new Cancer Institute.

As I thought about this painting, it reminded in some ways of the paintings of Marc Chagall , especially the way he treats some of the human figures.  In this painting,The Birthday Gift, the viewer receives an unmistakable cue that this is more about dramatic movement than realistic portrayal.  The people represented are not rooted in reality, planted on the floor, but floating unhinged and unanchored.  The way they are depicted allows us to see them in the motion of the moment they are living.

In this painting, my cellist plays under a full moon and we are carried by the composition, by the musician’s movement and position, through his dream up to the moon itself.

Works of art are able to communicate across a broad spectrum of people.  Regardless of the viewers’ age and culture, education and economic situation, a piece of art affects its audience.  My hope for this painting, as it communicates with people of all different backgrounds, is that it will open a window for the viewers to drift into their own thoughts.

P.S.  A word about an upcoming event:  I have a month-long solo show at Augustana College, going up on February 11th.  It’s going to be one of my more experimental shows.   For more photos and news, go to my blog.