Friday, December 14, 2007



Axumite, originally uploaded by eyobart.

This is a painting I am working on about Axum, a historically indispensable town in Ethiopian history, religion and in fact  of African Civilization as well.  Axum is the place where the Queen of Sheeba reigned during the height of her empire, this where we have the Ark of the covenant and this is where we have the Axum Obelisks ( the ones I tried to put in my paintings as well). Axumite civilization still has a visible effect on Ethiopian history, religion, architecture and arguably political landscape. Currently, Axum is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Ethiopia.Traveling to Axum is one of the most inspiring things to me, both as my Ethiopian/African heritage and also as an artist.  At this time, I am taking all the experiences I got  from my last trip and integrating it into my art.